Become a Love-creation Teacher

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11. Sexual satisfaction

Understanding Sexual Pleasure[1]

and its Link to World Peace – Part A


[1] I acknowledge Allen Barnes, M.D., professor of obstetrics/gynecology at Johns Hopkins for his lectures on sexuality among other teachers during my professional training.   

Welcome to stren #80.  Today’s wisdom may surprise you when you learn how sexual pleasure is linked to the creation of world peace. 

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12. Become a Love-creation teacher

Become your own genie!

Everyone wants (and needs) happiness, unconditional love, abundance, and peace BUT our world is characterized by fear, hate, scarcity, and harmful confrontation.

We now have the knowledge and technology to reclaim our world for our loved ones.  You and “we” together are needed to start a movement of one million each one, reach many teachers of unconditional love.  Every religious and secular tribe has arrived through intuition and common sense at the same mental-spiritual value to guide our behavior – the Golden Rule.  My favorite version is “Love our self with the abundance that overflows to enrich the world.”  We know we crawl before we take the first step to walk and then run.  Let’s recognize that liking our self is the first step to loving our self and then unconditionally loving others.  It’s hard to give away what we don’t own.

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