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2. Love-creation benefits

Virtually every religion, moral system, and spiritual guru emphasizes the importance of unconditional love.  The universal wisdom, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” suggests that until we learn to fulfill our own love needs, it will be difficult to love others.  It is hard to give away what we don’t own! 

The skills to create an abundance of love that overflows to enrich the world are easy to teach and learn.  However, education in love-creation has been neglected.  Sadly, most of our global population can explain how we teach hate-creation, while the process of love-creation remains a mystery.   The secret of love-creation is acquiring skill in self-endorsement.  Accepting responsibility to consistently affirm our self creates the love-energy we radiate to others.  

We are all born dependent on others for love and care, and remain during our formative years.  We are taught a language, and are assigned allegiance to a family, tribe, flag, religion, and an assumptive worldview.  Self-mastery, the mark of maturity, requires that we have the confidence to think independently of what fate and circumstance make of us.  Love is the critical mental-spiritual energy that frees us from dependence on others and makes us powerful creators of the personal blissful calm and world peace we envision in our wishes and prayers.  

Brad Shepard, a golden-voiced local radio celebrity, has recorded 15 self-endorsement skills demonstrated by others to be effective.  They have universal application.  Each is 2-10 minutes long and they are now available FREE to anyone, anywhere, anytime at www.anwot.orgYou will have difficulty finding a more effective self-teaching resource for quick and easy mastery of the skills that create love and self-worth.  Here are marvelous benefits we acquire when we consistently direct energy to love-creation:


1.      Love: Love yourself so you can love your neighbor is a slight variation of the universal value, Love your neighbor as yourself.  We generate love to give to others and enrich the world when we first create an abundance for our self.  When we take responsibility for our minimum daily requirement (MDR) of love, we welcome love from others rather than depending on it. 

2.      Companionship: Self-endorsement skills enable us to become our best friend, lifelong.  We are in constant dialogue with ourselves; usually we only spend minutes in dialogue with others.  Love for our self is the most powerful anti-depressant and means to prevent suicide!

3.      Bullying: What better way to bully-proof our children, and protect them from suicide and the other harmful consequences of mental and physical abuse than to arm them with the skill of self-esteem?  When we learn to consistently provide our own daily requirement of love and self-worth, we no longer overreact to the unfairness common in our world.  Parents and teachers – take notice! 

4.      Patience: Self-endorsement is the secret of patience.  “I want what I want when I want it” is a common cry of immaturity.  Impulsive action for immediate emotional gratification too often results in short-term gain at the cost of long-term pain.  Self-endorsement skills provide the immediate emotional reward we need to patiently create long-term solutions.   

5.      Prevention:An ounce of prevention is greater than a pound of cure.”  Patience is the essential ingredient of prevention.  Prevention requires time to create and reflect on alternative actions and then initiate the wiser long-term solution.  The animal portion of our brain is programmed to act on what relieves tension immediately; it favors pleasurable reward now. 

6.      Blaming: Consistent self-endorsement is the antidote to our immature tendency to blame others or our self (guilt) when we experience frustration.  When we create our own daily requirement of love and self-worth, we can substitute problem-solving responsibility for the blaming that is a major source of harmful aggression.  Surviving in a world where all tribes will soon possess weapons with ultimate destructive power requires that we replace traditional win/lose harmful confrontation with newer win/win cooperation for mutual gain.

7.      Chronic enthusiasm: Self-endorsement provides the love-energy to reclaim the innate resilience that is often squashed during our current means of upbringing.

8.      Creativity/Confidence: Originality and the people who introduce new ideas are commonly rejected at first and often punished by tradition.  What persistence was required by Jesus, Lincoln, Gandhi, King, the Suffragettes, Galileo, Darwin, Freud, Picasso, and most creators of new ideas?  Self-esteem sustains the confidence that supports the risk-taking needed for creativity. 

9.      A newer way of thinking Einstein’s solution to prevent human catastrophe and sustain world peace: Love-energy provides the mental strength to challenge the prevalent “either/or” thinking that is characteristic of the animal portion of the human brain and its traditional means of conflict resolution that advocates win/lose competition.  Two-category thinking emphasizes local allegiance to one’s tribe, flag, religion, and established cultural ideology over global priorities; it supports greed and speed more than wise creeds and good deeds.  Surviving and thriving in this new nuclear era requires that we teach ourselves a newer way of thinking that creates patience, prevention, tolerance, and cooperation for win/win outcomes.

10.  Multiple applications: Simple and effective tools for teaching love-creation education are in demand by the myriad programs that offer support for those experiencing  illnesses ascancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, substance abuse, and emotional disability.  Imagine the benefits for corporate in-service staff development, for the over 3 million individuals confined in our prisons, and wherever our creative imagination will take us?     

We cannot overestimate the benefits of love-creation; yet we neglect teaching the two most powerful self-endorsement skills that are explained in strens 2 and 20.  If you like these self-endorsement skills, you will want to listen to Brad’s recordings of two additional modules:


1.      Seven Mind-freeing, Life-changing, World-saving word-switches: The easy-to-learn substitute word meanings that turn on personal responsibility for our destiny and selectively turn off the solutions to yesterday’s problems that have become ineffective or dangerous. 


2.      The Mental Freedom Control Panel: Learn to recognize the two action choices available to our will power that consistently work and those that we’d be wise to avoid. 

NOTE:  These recordings are designed for an adult audience.  Teachers and parents can readily translate them into a form appropriate to the age and maturity level of children.  

The Educational Community, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is popularizing Einstein’s common sense insight that we must teach ourselves a newer way of thinking if we are to prevent human catastrophe and create world peace.  Our educational content is forever FREE to anyone, anytime, anywhere at


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