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The Mind-freeing Life-changing World-saving Word-switches


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I am especially pleased with today’s stren (mental strength) because it provides, in abbreviated form, all the essentials to update our thinking to modernity, to “use our best to do our best.”  This stren introduces you to seven critical Mind-freeing Life-changing World-saving Word-switches that powerfully make you master of your thinking as they free you from the demands of the early dictators who would control your life – instinct and tradition. 

You will understand the power of these seven easy word substitutions if you envision the way we can redirect a train to an entirely different path and destination by altering one switch at a single location on the train-track.  By the simple act of changing the appropriate train-track switch, we not only redirect the train to the preferred destination; we simultaneously prevent the predetermined outcome we don’t want.  You can dramatically change the course and outcome of your life’s experience by practicing these seven simple word-switches. 

During our prolonged immaturity, the word meanings imbedded in every native language must first emphasize our helplessness, dependency, and our need for blind obedience to authority.  We also acquire the habit of thinking in two either/or categories such as good or bad, right or wrong, us or them, win or lose.  This misperception of the world is the root cause of bigotry, prejudice, intolerance, destructive aggression, and war.  Thereafter, our formal education teaches us to make a living but has yet to include the specific wisdoms needed to make life wonderful.  Each of the seven mental word-switches, like the train-track switch, is our means to take control of the path and outcome of our thinking, feelings, and actions.    

Today’s stren identifies these seven simple Mind-freeing, Life-changing, World-saving word-switches.  Each one will be fully explained in the subsequent seven tips:

1.      Substitute “I think I can” for helpless/hopeless trigger words such as “why bother,” “what’s the use,” “it’s too hard,” “I can’t,” “to Hell with it,” “ferk it.”   

2.      Substitute “I could” for the dictator word “I should.”  

3.      Substitute the personal responsibility word-switch “I allow” for common blaming words that express dependency: “he (she, they, it, the world) makes me ….” 

4.      Most important, substitute “both … and” for the “either …or” trigger word programmed into every native language that divides the world into two categories and promotes bigotry, prejudice, and intolerance.  

5.      Regularly apply the Magical Problem-solving Sentence: Given this situation, what is most likely to make things better for me AND you (or us and them), for now AND the future? 

6.      Substitute “energy” for “anger” and “anxiety” when possible.

7.      Substitute “urgent” for “emergency,” then immediately assign “high,” “medium,” or “low” priority to “urgent. “ 

Keep in mind how you will benefit from each of these word-switches: Word-switch 1 Yes, I think I can, turns-on the energy we require to get results. Word-switches 2, 3, and 4 free our thinking from mental slavery to the instinct and traditions nature and our nurturers program into us during our immature years.  Word-switch 5, the universal problem-solving sentence, is the “magical” tool that, regularly used, creates common sense solutions that work.  Word-switches 6 and 7 diminish the instinctive anger and the emergency fight or flight impulsive responses that are least likely to work in our relatively civilized world and that often get us into trouble.


            E=mc2 initiated a new era, a world where multiple tribes will soon possess weapons with ultimate destructive power!  For the first time, in our very lifetime, an earth creature has become capable of deliberate self-annihilation.  Recognizing the significance of “the bomb,” Einstein expressed his most important insight:  

“The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything except our ways of thinking.  Thus we are drifting towards a catastrophe beyond comparison.  We shall require a substantially new mode of thinking if mankind is to survive.” 

Historically and currently we focus much of our energy and resources on harmful aggression.  We have ignored Einstein’s admonition about the need to continue updating the way we think.  Humans are distinguished from all other earth creatures by the degree to which we create symbols and manipulate them in our mind.  Words are our triggers to release powerful energy.  Only we have been given the capability to attain substantial control of our life’s experience, to free ourselves from the hardwired directions of our genes and our nurturers, and from fate and circumstance.  Only we significantly change both our self and the world for our well-being and/or for our own destruction.      

            The seven simple word-switches presented here start the process of updating our thinking to better deal with the requirements of modernity.  The strens to be presented enable us -- anyone, including you -- to assume control of our life’s experience.  We can take responsibility to problem-solve instead of blaming others and/or our self.  We can teach ourselves to act on reason and wisdom more than instinct and habitMost important, PLEASE GET THIS, we can transform our mental energy into a weapon for mass construction.  The regular application of these seven basic mental skills re-directs the way we process information.  Each dramatically strengthens our thinking, more so upon acquiring the additional mental strengths provided in the more than 100 strens that will follow.       

Changing the way instinct and tradition have programmed us to think is a self-taught skill that requires five ingredients: faith in one’s self to say “I think I can,” work, patience, direction, and the willingness to risk giving up the automatic ways we were taught to think that no longer work.  All of these ingredients are abundantly available for the asking.  Since you have already asked, you will be provided with a new stren every other day.  All skills are mastered through application.  With repetition, new skills become automatic, habitual, and effortless.  The wisdoms you will receive have been proven to be among those most important to enhance life’s experience.  They will update your thinking to let you become your own chief executive officer as you free your will from the whims of fate and circumstance.  Now, continue on to the word-switches and strens that free your thinking so you can become your own person, the self-endorsement skills that make you your own best friend and lifelong traveling companion, the mental freedom control panel that explains the 8 choices available to your will, and the collective wisdoms that will make you a Mental Wealth millionaire and a powerful force for world peace.

1. The energy word-switch


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