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Love-creation benefits


Education in love-creation has been neglected.  Sadly, most of our global population can explain how we teach hate-creation, while the process of love-creation remains a mystery.   The secret of love-creation is acquiring skill in self-endorsement.  Accepting responsibility to consistently affirm our self creates the love-energy we radiate to others.  Loving our self is the critical mental-spiritual energy that frees us from dependence on others and makes us creators of the personal blissful calm and world peace we seek in our wishes and prayers.  You will have difficulty finding a more effective self-teaching resource for quick and easy mastery of the skills that create love and self-worth than those found at



Now be amazed by the marvelous benefits.  Liking our self unconditionally is the means to …

1.become our best friend and traveling companion lifelong.  We live with ourself 100% of the time.  The terrorist within us is often our most persistent dangerous enemy.    

2.the most powerful anti-depressant.  People who like them self don’t commit suicide.

3.bully-proof our kids!  They will no longer be overly sensitive to the unfairness’s they will face.    

4.immediate benefits that are made automatic and effortless with enjoyable practice.

5.patience:  “I want what I want when I want it” is a common cry of immaturity; short term gain, long term pain.  Self-affirmation is the immediate reward that creates the patience to pursue the important goals that require work and perspiration before attaining inspiration and success.  Making a desired future event become an actual event requires patience. 

6.prevention: Patience is the essential ingredient that provides the time required to consider alternative solutions, choose the most effective one, and implement a plan for prevention when benefits may come far in the future.  Self-affirmation provides the immediate rewards to see that a future undesirable event becomes a non-event.  An ounce of prevention is greater than a pound of cure. 

7.sustain resilience and chronic enthusiasm, the two qualities of successful people. 

8.creativity: People who create new ideas are often rejected, punished, even murdered, before being acknowledged.   Moses, Jesus, Galileo, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, the Suffragettes, Picasso, Freud, Darwin, Einstein, etc. had resilience and enthusiasm.   

9.self-confidence: When we know we are offering something of value to another, we are less likely to engage in self-putdowns when the person rejects what we have to offer.    

10.personal satisfaction by making the world a better, safer, kinder home for our children, additional loved ones, and humanity.  Love-creation teachers are most likely to bring about what 7 billion people want: happiness, unconditional love, abundance, and world peace.  Surviving and thriving in this new nuclear era requires that we teach ourselves a newer way of thinking that supports cooperation and collaboration for win/win outcomes above confrontation to dominate.    

11.transform blaming to problem-solving: Self-endorsement is the antidote for the immature tendency to blame others or our self (guilt) when we are frustrated.  When we create our own daily requirement of love and self-worth, we substitute problem-solving for the blaming that leads to harmful aggression.  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE-CREATION IS OUR BEST HOPE TO CREATE SUSTAINABLE WORLD PEACE.

12.enhance your image: No matter what the product or service you offer, your gift of love-creation is evergreen and valued.  What better way to build a trusting relationship, appreciation, and desire to do business than offering a gift that creates instant satisfaction?

13.put into practice our most sacred universal belief, what every religion and secular tribe preaches as its single most significant spiritual value: The Golden Rule. 

14.make a gift that keeps on giving!  Your gift of self-affirmation skills becomes their gift to pass forward until they go viral through the domino effect.  How cool is that?  Material gifts including money are consumable; satisfaction is time limited unless promoting mental-spiritual wealth.

15.This is just the beginning.  The benefits of unconditional love-creation are endless.


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Guest - Clayton McArthur on Wednesday, 30 September 2015 21:39

Hi, just beginning to read the modules and am quite impressed by the thought provoking content.

Hi, just beginning to read the modules and am quite impressed by the thought provoking content.