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7+2 = Happiness, Love, and Peace

Donald Pet, M.D., Director; The Educational Community


In today’s nuclear world where multiple tribes possess weapons with ultimate destructive power, we have created a race between nirvana and Armageddon. The puzzle of achieving personal happiness is the same as the answer to the BIGGEST puzzle facing us today:

Why is it that we fill our world with fear, hate, scarcity, and war when we want (and need) happiness, unconditional love, abundance, and peace?

If you are concerned about the state of the world, popularizing just seven Mind-freeing, Life-changing, World-saving word-switches and the two still secret essential love-creation skills is the easiest, quickest, most effective and enjoyable solution to both puzzles. The 7+2 formula will popularize Einstein’s solution to prevent human catastrophe and create sustainable world peace: “We shall require a newer way of thinking.” (ANWOT)

There are many additional benefits. You will:

  •       assume responsibility for your own happiness and love needs so that you will welcome love from others rather than depending on it.
  •       become your own lifelong friend and traveling companion 24/7.
  •       free your energy from blaming to use your best to do your best.
  •       become an each one, reach many teacher of love-creation.
  •       answer the universal questions: Who am I? and What is my purpose?

Here’s the deal. Learn the seven critical word-switches that free the wish-granting genie within each of us, and the two powerful, secret happiness and love creation skills. When you experience the power of a newer way of thinking (ANWOT) you will want to pay the 7+2 formula forward to your loved ones and contacts ... as your gift!

You will become one of the one million each one, reach many love-creation teachers needed to create the domino effect that will circle the world. Together, we will make our world the safe, happy, sustainable home we all want.

What is a word-switch? Word-switches replace common problem-causing words and symbols that dominate our established tribal way of thinking with puzzle-solving symbols.

Word-switch 1: Substitute I can for I can’t, Why bother, What’s the use, To hell with it, F**k it, and other “give up” words that shut down our energy factory.

Word-switch 2: Substitute I allow for they (he, she, it, God) make me

Word-switch 3: Substitute I could for I should, have to, must.

Word-switch 4: Substitute both … and for either/or that divides the world into two categories

Word-switch 5: Substitute the universal puzzle-solving sentence: What will make things better for me and you (us and them) for now and the future for the problem-causing sentence: My way is the only right way.

Word-switch 6: Substitute energy for anger, fear, and anxiety.

Word-switch 7: Substitute urgent for emergency and classify each issue as high, medium, or low.

In sequence, here’s what word-switches do:

  1 - Turns on energy that has been shut down

  2 - Redirects blaming energy to assume personal responsibility

  3 - Stimulates problem-solving imagination using common sense instead of mindless obedience

  4 - Redirects the focus of thinking to our similarities and shared benefits instead of our differences

  5 - Calls forth our highest intentions, reciprocity and The Golden Rule


  6-7 Prevents the mindless unleashing of the innate fight or flight, survival of the fittest instinct that has suddenly become dangerous


These seven word-switches awaken us to the universal Truth of Reciprocity, which is commonly expressed as The Golden Rule. They inspire us to educate ourselves in the mental skills that transcend tribal love to create unconditional global love. Word-switches add our discoveries of conceptual moral-spiritual Truth to our growing knowledge of material-physical Truth. They elevate the intentions of our machine-like animal brain to the intelligent puzzle-solving portion of our human brain. They selectively upgrade the hardwired habitual thinking of instinct and tradition that has become ineffective or dangerous. Word-switches free the wish-granting genie within each of us to create the newer, wiser solutions required for today’s issues.

Our animal brain focuses on superficial differences and what is near and now (physically and in time) to protect local systems. It functions like sorting machines that divide things into separate categories: big from small, safe from dangerous, our tribe from their tribe. Our human brain creates symbols that imagine what is deep and wide; near and far; past, present and future. Imagination is our tool to add conceptual nonphysical mental-spiritual reality, viz. The Golden Rule, to our animal brain’s excellence in managing physical reciprocity among organs. Imagination provides our human brain a newer way of thinking (ANWOT) that emphasizes similarities above differences, and pieces knowledge together to solve puzzles.

The application of the scientific method offers a new solution to two sought after puzzles: Who are we? and What is our purpose?   It updates beliefs that are supported primarily by great leaps of faith and physical might. The new story is verifiable by everyone, everywhere, every time using common sense. It tells us we are the growing edge of the creative impulse that introduced a single cell 3 ½ billion years ago and has increased through multiple levels of complexity and function to 50 trillion cells. We are changing from high-level animals to dynamic humane becomings.We are more than static human beings magically created with all life on earth in one day 6000 years ago by a masculine “either/or” God who favors one tribe over others, periodically intervenes to protect His favored tribe, punishes His children when they disobey with eternal hell and rewards those obedient to His commandments with eternal afterlife in a wonderful place.

ANWOT reveals that the essential principal that elevates life to higher levels of sophistication is reciprocity. When single units cooperate, evolution progresses; extinction is the outcome when units take but give nothing to the system. Reciprocity is expressed through various iterations of The Golden Rule. A modern version is “Love our self unconditionally with the abundance that overflows to enrich the world.”

Which brings us to the 2 in the 7+2 formula – the two secret universal love-creation skills:

  1. Emotional self-endorsement
  2. The Reasonable Best Measure of Self-worth

Love is the direction of energy for the benefit of someone (including our self) or something. Every life form contains an energy-producing factory. For us to survive and elevate ourselves to higher spiritual levels we must teach ourselves to love unconditionally with the abundance that overflows to enrich the world.

Until we learn to provide our own minimum daily requirement (MDR) of happiness and love, we remain addicted to someone or something, viz. instinct and tradition, to sustain our well-being. The self-affirmation skills we require to assume personal responsibility for happiness and unconditional love are discouraged by contemporary society. Let’s make the secret love-creation skills common knowledge!