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1. Take The 30 Day Challenge

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Donald Pet, M.D.

Become your own genie!


Create Happiness, Love, and World Peace



  1. When you wake up, look in the mirror and say to yourself: “I like myself because I am such a hot sketch.  Every day in every way I make myself happier and more loving.”
  2. Print out and practice the two powerful self-endorsement skills: Emotional Self-endorsement and The Reasonable Best Test of Self-worth. They are relatively secret because our establishment does not teach them and even discourages them.  Watch them kick out the self-putdowns that make you your own worst enemy and hold you back.
  3. Listen to Brad’s recordings at  until you know you’ve got it! 



If you want more Mind-freeing, Live-changing, World-saving skills, go to and become a Mental-spiritual Wealth Millionaire.  Make your life REALLY significant; become an “each one, reach many” teacher of Love-creation.  Pass these skills forward to family and other loved ones until working together we circle the world.  The EC goal is to recruit one million happiness and love-creation teachers through the domino effect.  This is the estimated tipping point to popularize Einstein’s solution to create sustainable world peace – We shall require a newer way of thinking.  Working together, we will be unstoppable.         

The universal moral value independently arrived at by nearly every religious and secular tribe is the Golden Rule: Treat others as I would be treated.   A second universal moral value necessary to support the Golden Rule is: Love others as I love my self.  Unconditional love is liking our self, grown up!  We create unconditional love by liking our self with such abundance that it overflows to enrich the world.  It is difficult to make a gift of what we don’t own.            

Turbo-charge your Love-creation power; start a domino effect.  Send this and $10 to a loved one.  Say, I’m paying you forward to be a Love-creation teacher by doing the same thing.       

                                                   Wishing you tons of Mental-Spiritual Wealth!

                                                                        Donald Pet


                          Mental Freedom is everyone’s right.  Mental-Spiritual Wealth is everyone’s right.



11. Sexual satisfaction
2. Emotional Self Endorsement


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