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9. The Bookshelf


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 The Bookshelf transcript

“It’s fun.”  “It works.”  “It’s given me such creative ideas.”  Such comments are some of the great feedback I’ve received from individuals who have used today’s self-endorsement stren.  I call this proven mental skill “The Bookshelf.”


In your mind, create a bookshelf loaded with books.  In distinct print, put a label on as many books as you can, identifying some experience, topic, interest, fantasy, event –  whatever you like to think about. Keep your mental bookshelf within your mind's eye.  Put your titles on the book spine in large, easy to read print.  When you become aware that you are dwelling on negative self-talk, the type we experience and can easily recognize, immediately give yourself a pat on the back for recognizing the old patter.  Then, pull one of your books off the shelf and get as thoroughly involved as you can.  If you’re like most, you’ll find it gets easier with practice.  Hint:  First begin by writing out your list and keeping it where you can easily refer to it. 

Some of these titles may get you started:  My Favorite Person; Music I Like; My Collection of Fun Times; Funny Stories; When I Win the Lottery; What I Believe (religious or otherwise); My Ideal Romantic Experience; The Perfect Beauty Appointment; Great Athletes; My Next Great Meal; Jobs I’d Enjoy; Great Sexual Pleasure; What Do I Want in Life?; Work I Enjoy Doing; Books That Got Me To Think; Where Im Happiest; Dreams to Have Tonight; Hobbies That Interest Me; Good Things in Retirement, and so on.  Whenever you have an interesting idea to consider, make a new title and add it to your mental bookshelf.  

Has life handed you a lemon? 

Take it on!  Do your reasonable best to manage the problem.  Use the magical universal problem-solving sentence – Make lemonade! Don’t get stuck dwelling on it as many do and let it unnecessarily drag you down.  When you get stuck, go to your bookshelf; it’s a far better alternative use for your valuable energy.  You may need to come back to a problem a number of times before you can make your best bargain with it.  

Have an interesting idea you’d like to explore? 

            Start your own book.  Put it on your bookshelf so it’s within easy reach when you’re ready to pick it up again.

Having trouble going to sleep?  Go to your bookshelf. 

Would you like some mental stimulation?

            You’ll find multiple possibilities on your bookshelf.


            Get the idea?  Your bookshelf will become a faithful lifelong traveling companion.  You’ll love the conversations you have with yourself.  Make your personal bookshelf a source of chronic enthusiasm.  As a special bonus, you will find you have more really interesting conversations with friends when you have topics at your ready grasp that you enthusiastically enjoy discussing with others.  I hope you add The Bookshelf to your collection of self-endorsement skills.  You’ll find it will significantly add to your mental wealth.

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