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8. Act as if


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Today’s stren, “Act as if,” is another very effective method to change and/or create new emotions.  Even if you have difficulty experiencing emotional self-endorsement, go through the motions.  Imagine you had a part to play on the stage.  As every actor knows, if you put yourself in the role and go through the motions, the “act as if” gradually becomes “feel as if” and then the “as if” weakens.  A genuinely new sentiment is created.  What successful actors need to learn, so you also can learn.    


Remind yourself that the old, automatic put-me-downs ... “stupid,” “jerk,” “stupid jerk,” “you don’t deserve ...,” “shame,” “asshole,” and so on call forth powerful emotions that have been thriving many years.  What is your favorite put-down word?  Recognize that you are wise to get rid of the old “demons” so well learned in the past.  Those put-downs now mostly serve as terrorists!  In a sense, you’d be wise to kill them off; become a murderer to the useless baggage you carry with you.  Yes, it is fun to vigorously attack these intruders ... never attack yourself.  You hurt no one in so doing.


So here again, even though you feel the emotions attached to these old put-me-downs, act as if they don’t belong, as if they are unwelcome!  Take on the role of “good guy” getting rid of the demons; clean out the “bad,” make room for the positive invited guests.  Whether you are strengthening your “attaboy/attagirl” self-endorsing skill or attacking the put-me-downs, your use of the “act as if” technique can help your attitude to become more positive.  However, I believe it is most productive to emphasize directing your energy to creating positive sentiment.  The old demons will wither away if you stop feeding them with your attention and instead direct your energy to creating more muscles of self-endorsement.

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