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          Today’s stren introduces you to the most powerful tool I have found to free our will from domination by instinct, tradition, and human dictators.  I label this resource The Mental Freedom Control Panel.  Its use will empower you to recognize when you are directing your will power constructively and when you are being your own worst enemy.  The MFCP identifies eight word-switches available to your will power to direct energy to a specific action pathway.  Two of these choices consistently create positive outcomes.  The remaining six commonly take you on paths that get you where you’d best avoid.  As you teach yourself to recognize these eight choices, you will have a powerful tool to invest your energy in the action choices that consistently lead to happy returns, while the harmful choices atrophy from disuse.

          Learning starts with labeling!  Accurate labels are our handles for thought control.  Labels whose meaning turns on accurate understanding are the means to direct our thinking and will power to make preferred change.  Some words are symbols for concepts.  Concepts are mental motion pictures that serve our mind to problem solve.  Labels that create accurate understanding are often all that we require to energize constructive management of an issue.  I have chosen the following eight labels to reasonably include each of the mental choices available to us.  The labels that switch on each action pathway are worthy of considerable attention.  Thus, I suggest you first familiarize yourself with all eight word-switches and then consider each as an individual stren to be studied, understood, and applied over time.  With practice, you will be able to integrate them into your “mind control” with little effort.  By labeling and recognizing these alternative action pathways, you can make yourself master of your life’s experience.  Learn the simple formulas that identify the common responses that bring dramatic results.  

          Think of The Mental Freedom Control Panel as your switchboard through which you control your life’s experience.  Simply teach yourself to switch on the preferred choices and turn off the others.  We no longer need to remain controlled by instinct, tradition, and human dictators.  Consistently select the Problem-solving and Self-endorsement switches.  You will learn how they complement one another and lead to the additional wisdoms that are provided in the newer way of thinking series.  

          Today’s introduction will prepare you for our next eight meetings, where each choice will be explained in greater depth.  You will acquire a clear understanding of the origin of the limited action pathways and how they work. 

Here is the list of action choices available to your will:

  1. Blaming-out
  2. Blaming-in and secondary blaming
  3. Avoidance
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Self-endorsement and secondary endorsement
  6. Worry
  7. Helplessness/hopelessness
  8. The Mind/Body connection