Donald Pet

Don Pet

I am a wisdom doctor. My passion is to inspire you and one million concerned citizens to learn and then teach Einstein’s most brilliant insight to our global population. Einstein realized we are all born addicted to learn by trial and error. This once adaptive way of thinking is incompatible with weapons of ultimate destruction (WUD) that kill instantly and offer no second chance. Einstein told us the one way to prevent the predictable human catastrophe is to teach ourselves a newer way of thinking; one that leads to love and cooperation instead of hate and harmful competition to dominate.

I created the Educational Community (EC) 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation to make available forever FREE to anyone, anytime, everywhere the four universal qualities humankind require to survive and thrive: Happiness, Enough, Love, and Peace [HELP].

7 easy to learn word switches rapidly create a newer way of thinking that upgrades our thinking to cooperation for shared benefits instead of harmful competition to dominate. 2 secret love creation skills teach the modern version of the Golden Rule: Love our self with the abundance that overflows to enrich the world. Becoming a teacher of HELP is among life’s most fulfilling endeavors. Anyone (you) can be pay these skills forward by a click on your computer to start a domino effect that will circle the world.

You will learn to create a genie seminar(s) in a setting of congeniality, fun, and emotional support. This newer method of lifetime education offers the universal wisdoms proven to work. You will love becoming a member of Einstein’s peace army to prevent the mass killing of our loved ones and establish sustainable peace.

I became a wisdom doctor by studying psychology, philosophy, and religion at Johns Hopkins U., learned about the body at Maryland Medical School, and the mind at Johns Hopkins where I trained in psychiatry. My favorite mentor, Jerome Frank, MD, PhD was a world expert on the cause of war and the cause of peace. I was privileged by several thousand individuals who allowed me to share their intimate life stories. They let me know the wisdom that worked and what didn’t. I learned about addictions at the U.S. Federal Narcotics prison/hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, directed a multimodality treatment program serving the Hartford, CT area and directed a statewide center to train counselors, police, lawyers, judges, community leaders, and others regarding the addictions. I developed Educational Communities at the U.S. hospital/prison in Lexington, Kentucky, Connecticut Department of Mental Health, and private practice. As a consultant to the White House on substance abuse I had the opportunity to evaluate treatment programs around the country. The EC initiative has been endorsed by Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and many others ( I am passionate to start a world peace movement that will enable my loved ones to experience the opportunities I have enjoyed in my 81 years. If you wish or pray for world peace, please be my partner to make our wishes become reality. It’s for our loved ones. 

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